The Repair Party Platform

I am the chairman of the Repair party, a new political party.  Why?  Why would an old guy who has been retired for many years suddenly want to take on the responsibility of such a hard job?

People who have lived a long time have, of course, much more experience but they also have seen external changes occurring over very long periods of time, some very subtle. For instance, I noticed in the 60’s that the TV started selling population diversity. Also, every top boss (usually a minor role) became black. (Lately, a very few shows don’t have black bosses.) Now, this diversity sales job goes on 24 hours a day, every day and that is all you see. No wonder then that you and I support liberal values even at the detriment of our own family and the sovereignty of our country. More on this later.

Many of us, while in school, were led to believe that some kindly person above us in the workplace will watch over us and keep us safe. Note the Carnegie Institute, a greed crazed family endeavor impacting the education system and wanting their economic slaves believing in corporate beneficence.

Recently I noticed the Republicans trying to put corporations above governments by using the TransPacific Partnership so that they would be totally free to pollute the planet and poison the people through untested, unlabeled GMO products, government-mandated severely poisonous child vaccines, Big Pig Pharma - the third largest cause of death in this country - and NASA, who I am told, is spraying nanoparticles of poisonous metals high in the atmosphere. Those nanoparticles kill everything from the single celled organisms that the plants need to live all the way up to us. What human is stupid enough to believe that he/she can survive the death of the planet?

Prime example of Republican stupidity - the Bushes - George W used the “weapons of mass destruction” lie (the CIA is not that stupid) to start the Iraqi war in which 4486 Americans died. (Doesn’t that make him a serial killer?) His cousin owned the security company for the twin towers (the only group that could plant the thermite that filled the basements with molten steel) and his brother Morton was reported on Youtube as the COO with the job of planting the thermite (a 3rd tower melted and fell down “without cause” - no one was allowed to notice) that created 9/11 to get more war started thereby increasing the family fortunes.

  On the other hand, the Washington Democrats have been exposed as baby rapists/murderers, Satanists who have the CIA and FBI lying for them, the DOJ committing crimes for them and major news media burying their criminal behavior under total lies reported as fact.

Prime example of Democrat stupidity - the Clintons, who sold out our country to foreigners and got billions paid into their Clinton Global Initiative in return.  They even brokered a deal, selling Russia processed uranium to build newer and deadlier atomic-armed missiles to use on us and, of course, on the Clintons.

But my mistake was to ask myself “What would a government look like if it were actually ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’?”  Well, that did it.  That picture of our government was so very far from what we have now that I just had to try to make it happen. 

So here it is:

1. Let’s start with repairing the income inequality. The Feds set the poverty level. (Walmart pays their employees so little that they qualify for welfare.) Let’s set the minimum wage equal to the poverty level plus 10%. Working then gets you more income than sitting at home and Walmart won’t keep their prices low by making us subsidize their employees.

Income tax at the minimum wage would, of course, be zero. That will be the bottom of a linear sliding scale of income taxation. The top, where you would have to pay the full 25% of your income, would occur at twice $53,928 (the average wage in our country). So everyone much below the $100,000 level will be getting a good-sized tax break.

2. That takes care of your income. Now let’s adjust your biggest debt - your house. Your parents paid twice on the debt - for the house and for the borrowed money. Normal time in debt was 30 years. You will only be in debt 1/2 that time or pay only half payments.

Congress has the right to print money interest-free but in 1913, the Rothschilds purchased just enough legislators (everyone else was on Christmas break) to establish the Federal Reserve bank, a private bank owned by the greed-crazed 13 families. This privately owned bank is given the money that the Treasury Department prints. They loan it back to the government and to corporations and, because they are the only source of American money, to pay the interest on one of their loans you have to borrow more money. Guaranteed automatic increasing debt for us, free money for them - wow!

We will open a People’s Bank which will loan you the money with NO interest charges, only an account maintenance fee to cover the employees needed to service the loan. Thus, you can pay off the loan in 1/2 the time your parents paid off theirs. Combine this with a tiny house when you are single and your housing costs will be a minor budget item, not the stressor which leads to an early grave today. Note though that there will be non-payment penalties. But you can, at any time, drop the payments to the 30 year half payment level if you are paying more. That should help if you hit a bump in the road.

And to encourage more education, student loans will be interest free and working students, if carrying 75% class load, will not pay income tax. In addition, there will be an online college with testing done at a local brick-and-mortar location that will be substantially lower in cost and the coursework will be set by the best minds in each field.

3. Now let’s discuss health: Did you know that Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Dememtia and Bipolarity are all curable, as are a huge number of other diseases? I know because I cured myself of Diabetes, dropped my total Cholesterol to 112, my bad cholesterol to 50 and opened my veins back up by changing my diet. To get a handle on what’s available, check out Dr. John Bergman’s Youtube website or just research the specific problem that you have on the Internet because your doctor will not tell you about these cures. I had 5 or 6 doctors from the time I was diagnosed with Diabetes to now and not one told me that if I wanted to keep my feet, my eyes and my kidneys, all I had to do was change my diet. Why not? Because The AMA and Big Pig Pharma make much more money treating the symptoms over time as you deteriorate to your death than they would by simply curing you in, say, two weeks to a month. If you haven’t noticed, the root of most evil isn’t money per se, it is Profit.

If we could get everyone on a no-oil plant-based diet, the top 5 killers of Americans would disappear and almost everyone would have a very long life. And there would be little need for health insurance. But we know the allure of eating the corpses of diseased and dying animals after being kept barely alive in a polluted and septic environment necessitating the overuse of steroids and antibiotics (so 80% of all antibiotics used are eaten by you and your family) by factory Pharms. And the milk you feed your kids is formed of lactose, casein and pus. That is correct, the third-most ingredient in your kid’s milk is pus. Along with huge helpings of hormones, steroids and antibiotics, needed to keep the poor sick cows barely alive.

But there is hope - more and more people are moving to an oil-free whole-food plant-based menu. I like to call them Planters cause I am one and I sure am not a Vegan.

And GMO foods, untested all, are poisonous to your health.

As I mentioned earlier, there is one other health risk. NASA apparently is the culprit responsible for placing poisonous metallic nanoparticles in our upper atmosphere to harm us, along with huge amounts of carbon dioxide exhaust to increase global warming. They say that they are doing this to reflect the sun’s rays back out into space but this is just a lie since the nanoparticles are dark in color and will absorb, not reflect, the rays.

Hell, if we wanted to stop global warming in it’s tracks while we work on a permanent solution, all we have to do put a mirror on the roof. We would, however,s have to get the scientists to tell us the acreage of mirrors needed or we might force the planet into a new ice age.

NASA’s poisoning needs to be stopped immediately. Every corporation has a personnel chart. The Chief of Police of Washington, D.C. needs to arrest the NASA personnel that are not hourly workers and charge them with Attempted Murder while arresting the people in the bottom half of the chart and charge them with Aiding and Abetting in Attempted Murder until someone shows up who has died from the poisoning (even a poisoned NASA worker) and that would allow the charges to be modified to Murder and Aiding and Abetting in Murder. More to come soon. Lots more.